My Fellow Americans (1996)

A comedy about life, liberty and the pursuit of two ex-presidents.
Adventure / Comedy • 101 minutes  6.5/10
Starring: Jack Lemmon James Garner Dan Aykroyd John Heard Wilford Brimley Lauren Bacall Sela Ward Bradley Whitford and others.
Director: Peter Segal Screenplay: E. Jack Kaplan Story: E. Jack Kaplan Screenplay: Peter Tolan Richard Chapman Story: Richard Chapman
Released • December 20, 1996

Two former U. S. Presidents, hated rivals, join forces to expose the current, corrupt President at the risk of their lives.

A.K.A. DE: Ein Präsident für alle Fälle  ES: Mis queridos compatriotas  FR: Président ? Vous avez dit président ?  RU: Мои дорогие американцы